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How many days BuyMeds service will take for delivering an Order?

Category: Order Delivery

Order Delivery

The delivery time of an order depends on the following factors:

  1. Location of the customer
  2. Delivery i.e., Shipping service
  3. The stock of the products ordered
  4. Prescription validity and authenticity

The usual standard delivery time of an order is 1 to 5 days if everything goes fine.

If the location of the customer is far away from the BuyMeds associated pharmacy outlets then the delivery of the order may exceed 5 days but BuyMeds will make sure that it doesn’t cross 7 days from the date of order.

BuyMeds always try to maintain sufficient stock as far as possible, however, in some cases, there will be a shortage in stock due to stock shortage from the pharmaceutical distributors and companies. In such cases, the order delivery may take usually a long time.

The delivery service with which we are linked also plays a vital role in delivering the orders. The delivery service in turn depends on weather (atmospheric) conditions for delivering the orders.

Prescription too has its own role in order processing and delivery. If the prescription is verified as valid by the pharmacist then only processing and packing of an order starts. The packed order is then handed over to the delivery agent of the shipping service. So be sure to upload authentic and valid prescriptions if required so as to avoid any delay in the order delivery.

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