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How to order medicines online

How to Order Medicines Online from BuyMeds

Medicine is a necessity in everyone’s life. A human can’t retain his or her proper health without the help of medicine. Medicines play a vital role in regulating the human body functions properly. Generally, medicines are not sold in general Kirana stores, stocking and selling of medicines require valid Drug License and it should be mandatory in every pharmacy.

Medicines should be sold under the supervision of a Pharmacist. A pharmacist should at least had complete a diploma in pharmacy. Every pharmacy or medical store should have a pharmacist and a valid drug license.

Few medicines can’t be sold directly to the customers without a valid Prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Depending on this facility, the selling of medicines is divided into two categories

  1. Medications that require a slip from a doctor (Prescription required products)
  2. Medications over the counter (Over the counter (OTC) products)

Over-the-counter products don’t require any prescription or doctor’s slip for purchasing, they can be sold directly to the customers.

Prior to ordering medicines online, be sure that you are ordering from a reputed pharmacy with valid drug licenses and pharmacists, then you can proceed further.

There are 3 ways that you can order medicines online from BuyMeds:

  1. Ordering by Searching
  2. Ordering by uploading prescription directly without searching
  3. Ordering by booking a free appointment through call

Ordering by Searching

The most common way of ordering or buying medicines online. If you know the brand name of the medicine then you can search for the medicine using a search box on the website/app. The search results will show whether the medicine is available or not. If the medicine is not available or not shown in search results then follow up the second way i.e., uploading the prescription directly without searching.

If you found the medicine i.e., brand name in search results then click on it, select the quantity required and then click on ‘Add to cart’. If you require other medicines along with it then again use the search box for those medicines and then similarly the quantity selection and add to the cart. If searching and adding is finished then proceed to the next step of payment.

Kindly do note that if the purchase of that medicine requires a valid prescription then you have to upload the prescription to complete the order.

Ordering by Uploading Prescription Directly

This is the second most common method of ordering or buying medicines online. This is the case when you don’t know the brand names of medicines.

With this method, you need not search for any medicine, just you have to upload the prescription directly. There is an option for the ‘Prescription Management Center’ where you can upload new prescriptions and also manage your previously uploaded prescriptions.

Our executives will refer your prescription and get back to you through call and process your order soon upon your confirmation.

Ordering by Booking Appointment

This is the final way of ordering or buying medicines online. This is the case when you don’t know about brand names of medicines and don’t have any valid prescription from a doctor, however, your health is worse.

BuyMeds provides a free doctor’s live chat consultation facility for this type of case. You can chat with a doctor and describe your problem in detail as possible, the doctor will write a prescription for you and we will deliver the medicines to you.

BuyMeds also provides a doctor’s voice call and video call consultation facility, however, there is a little specific affordable charge depending on the time for consultation i.e., appointment time.

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