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N95 Standard Face Mask


High-Efficiency Particulate Protection Respirator – N95 Virobacterial Protection Mask

  • 5 Layer Protection
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Soft Elastic for Earloops
  • Feels Light even after wearing for Long Hours

This item is Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable…

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N95 Standard Face Mask – High-Efficiency Particulate Protection Respirator

This N95 standard virus protection masks are made with the technology of 5 Layer Filtering Method for maximum protection with Nose pin.

Properties of N95 Protective Masks:

  • Antibacterial and Antiviral: Filter out bacterias and viruses present in the air and prevents their entry into your mouth and respiratory system.
  • Electrostatic charged: This mechanism employs electrocharged polymer or resin fibers that attract both large and small oppositely charged particles and trap them.
  • Filtration: The name N95 itself indicates the filtration rate is above 95%. Ninety-five percent of the particles including bacteria and viruses get filtered out thereby getting fresh air for respiration. The carbon particles released from the vehicles get filtered out thus helping in protection from pollution.
  • Odorless: These N95 masks are odorless so there is no issue of any smell from them.
  • Non-Allergic and Non-Irritating: The material used in the manufacturing of N95 virus protection masks is non-allergic and non-irritating to the skin. Anyone can wear them for prolonged periods without facing any issues.

Features of N95 Standard Protective Masks:

  • Washable: One of the best features of these N95 masks is, they are washable that means they can be reused after washing and they possess the same properties even after washing.
  • Lightweight: Here comes again the best feature of N95 virus protective masks, they are very light in weight. Anyone can have the feel of having nothing on the face even after wearing it. With this feature, anyone can wear it for very long periods.
  • Soft Elastic: The elastic used for binding the N95 face mask around the mouth is soft, non-allergic and non-irritating.
  • ISO and GMP Certified: The standardness of any product is determined by the certificates of ISO and GMP.
  • Fitness: The shape of N95 face masks is prepared in a way that they fit comfortably on the faces, moreover the elastic around earloops helps in binding it over the mouth.
  • Easy to Breathe: Anyone wearing an N95 standard protective mask can breathe easily without any suffocation. Suitable for Asthmatic and COPD patients too.
  • Quality: The quality of the N95 standard protective mask is highly efficient and extremely good.

Note: May loose color upon washing. We would like to advise you to prefer white N95 standard virus protective face mask.

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White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Sky Blue


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