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Telvas-AM Tablets 10s Pack

64.60 Incl. GST

Buy Telvas-AM Tablets Online at a Huge Discount. Telvas-AM tablet is the branded product of Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Special Offer is available on Telvas-AM tablets.

Rx: Prescription is Required.
Brand Name / Manufacturer: Telvas-AM / Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
Category: Allopathic Medicines, Oral, Anti-Hypertensive (Blood Pressure Reducer) and Anti-Arrhythmic (Heart Rate Reducer).
Formulation: Tablets.
Pack: 10S (10 Tablets in a Strip).
Active Ingredients: Telmisartan (Angiotensin Recerptor Blocker) and Amlodipine (Calcium Channel Blocker).
Use / Indication: Indicated for hypertensive (high blood pressure) patients. Telvas-AM tablets is mainly prescribed for reducing Blood Pressure in Hypertensive and Cardiac patients. Also found to be useful in the reducing heart rate.
Dose / Schedule: As directed by your doctor or healthcare practitioner.
Special Offer: Buy 3 strips at once, get an extra 2% off i.e., 15% 2% = 17% OFF.
Buy 6 strips at once, get an extra 3% off i.e., 15% 3% = 18% OFF.
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