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How does the Entire Process of Order Receiving and Order Delivery occurs in BuyMeds?

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Entire Process of Order Receiving to Order Delivery to Patient or Customer in BuyMeds (Work Flow)

The above workflow chart describes clearly the entire process from order receiving to order delivery that occurs in BuyMeds.

Let us explain to you the process in detail step by step:

  1. BuyMeds order products from Pharmaceutical Companies and Distributors and keep them in stock inside Pharmacy outlets.
  2. BuyMeds display all the medicines brands and products present inside the outlets on the web portal (i.e., so that the patients or customers can search their required products through the BuyMeds search form.
  3. The customers or patients add the required products to their cart after searching them which is then followed by checkout.
  4. During Checkout, the web portal will ask for prescriptions depending on the medicines brands added in the cart. Most of the medicines require a doctor’s prescription as per the Indian Drugs and Cosmetics act rules for verification and dispatch. Don’t worry if you don’t have any prescription, we have another option, BuyMeds affiliated doctor will call you and write down a prescription for you. And then, your order will get processed.
  5. Then comes the Payment option. The customer or patient will select any of the available options such as Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI, Internet Banking, or COD and carry out the further on-screen process. Finally, the order gets placed by the customer or patient. BuyMeds team will get the notification as soon as order is placed.
  6. Now from here, the backend process starts. All of the first BuyMeds team In check the payment status of the order whether the amount for order is paid online or else its an cash on delivery (COD) order. If it is paid online then the same will be verified against the payment gateway. If the transaction is successful then processing will take the next step.
  7. The order is verified for any product that requires prescription. If any prescription required product found, then the BuyMeds team will look for the prescription file if any uploaded to the order during checkout. If no prescription found or uploaded then the BuyMeds team will forward the information to BuyMeds doctors team. One of the doctor will call the customer and ask them to answer few questions. Upon successful verification, the doctor will write the prescription for the customer or patient and submit it to BuyMeds team.
  8. If prescription is uploaded to the order then BuyMeds team will forward the prescription to well qualified pharmacist and ask him/her for verification of prescription. Upon successful verification only, the order is processed further or else the customer or the patient is contacted by BuyMeds team for prescription disqualification.
  9. Soon after payment and prescription verification, the ordered items will be searched one by one and then packed in a cardboard box. The package is then handled to the courier service. From here the mail role is played by courier service. The courier service should deliver the package within stipulated time.
  10. If the order is COD then the delivery boy will collect the amount for the order. The courier service will then transfer the order amount to BuyMeds team. In this way the orders will be get delivered to the patients or customers.
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