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How to Upload a Prescription?

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Most of the medicines require a doctor’s prescription for dispensing and selling as per Indian Drugs and Cosmetics act rules. The whole process of dispensing medicines should be under the supervision of a well-qualified pharmacist.

In BuyMeds, there is a separate category for such products (medicines brands) that require a prescription known as ‘Prescription Required Products‘. If any product from that category is selected and added to the cart then the customer has to upload the prescription during checkout.

How to Upload a Prescription

During Checkout, a separate column is seen which states “Prescription is Required“, the customer has to select any one of the options that he/she has the prescription or not. If the option ‘I have doctor’s prescription’ is selected then an uploader will be displayed through which you can browse the files and upload the prescription. If the option ‘I don’t have doctor’s prescription’ is selected then one of the BuyMeds affiliated doctors will call the customer and write down the prescription for him/her.

There is no limit for the number of prescriptions, customer can add as many as he/she can for a particular order.

How to Upload a Prescription

There will be one more option under the ‘Prescription is Required’ column that is ‘I already uploaded the prescription’. The customer can select this option only if he/she ordered the same items previously and uploaded the prescription in that previous order.

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